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May 23, 2011

Install Windows 7 Themes on Windows XP

If you want your Windows XP computer to look like Windows 7 computer, you can change the themes. A variety of Windows 7 theme packs are available on the Internet on various site. Select a Windows 7 theme that you want to use, and install it on your Windows XP computer.

Note :- Before following the steps below, I do not recommend you doing this unless you are comfortable editing the Windows settings. I will not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC after editing the settings by following the steps below. You proceed at your own risk or may take help from Microsoft Certified Technician at their Toll Free No. +1-877-452-9201
  • Download from http://windows7themes.net and install a Windows 7 theme Pack on your computer. Before you can use the themes on your Windows XP computer, you will need to change the file format and resave the theme files. The programming code for Windows 7 theme packs cannot be understood by earlier versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Use a free unzipping utility such as 7-Zip, Free Zip or Quick Zip to unzip the files if you don't already have one installed on your Windows XP computer. Rename the Windows 7 theme pack file extension from ".themepack" to ".cab," and use the unzipping utility to extract the files.
  • Follow the unzipping utility's instructions for extracting Windows 7 theme files. Click the "Yes" button when you are prompted to create a new file folder. Choose the file path where you want to save the Windows 7 themes on your hard drive.
  • Choose a background image in the Windows 7 theme folder that you want to use on your desktop. Right-click on the background image file name, and select the option "Set as Desktop Background" from the drop-down menu list. Keep in mind that Windows XP is unable to support Aero Glass, but you can still use the background images on your computer.
  • Change the desktop and system icons for your Windows 7 theme. Find a blank area on your desktop, and right-click on it. Select the option "Personalize," and then choose "Change Desktop Icons" from the drop-down menu list. Select the items that you want to use. Click "Change Icons," and locate the file path where the new icons for the Windows 7 theme are saved on your computer. Select an icon that you want to use.


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