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Jul 15, 2011

Microsoft Windows 8 Features Leaked

After the Microsoft’s latest release of Windows 7, all the gurus of the company believes to have no great discovery for five years. However, this view shows that some sites and blogs have broken bad secret documents from Microsoft. These documents describe the historical development of the company is known as Windows 8.

Even Windows 8 is not the official name of the new operating system; it is assumed that the document was leaked from Microsoft. These documents showed that the company's developers and programmers to work on some new features that are sure to appear in Windows 8 These are the leaked Windows 8.

First of all, the company seeks to improve the computing experience of users, with some luxury features, such as face recognition, voice command, less operating time, the speed of information processing. Microsoft also wants to improve the appearance of Windows 8 to support 3D visualization can give. New features also has a USB 3.0 and Bluetooth also 3.0.Window store, users can buy products from multiple computers and software.

The artificial intelligence system for Windows 8 could be the breakthrough that users can see changes in their equipment, just to give body and voice commands. Use of technology in Windows Kinect 8 has been tested by Microsoft. Microsoft may add additional security features, as it becomes a big problem for customers. This window will also work on small devices like smart phones and Tablet PCs. It seems that Microsoft is obliged to give Apple the market during difficult times. For this reason, support from Microsoft for ARM processors that can work in all units of small size.
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