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Jul 6, 2011

Best Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft has sold over 200 million copies of windows 7 operating system since it was first put on the market in Oct 2009 with the speed of 7 copies every second. It is a historical figure in the form of the speed at which copies of the Windows operating system has been sold. The speed at which Windows 7 copies sold, it is not just phenomenal, because to sell much faster than previous versions of Windows, including XP, but is also incredible that the latest version of Windows Vista that has was a huge disaster. Many critics have suggested that Microsoft may find it difficult to restore the confidence of computer users after their reputation was inhibited by Vista. But Microsoft has proved all critics wrong and reiterated that Windows is here to stay and get better every time.

First Improved speed and performance: Before Windows 7 operating system, every new operating system released by Microsoft over hardware requirements necessary for the smooth and faster than previous versions. But it has certainly changed with Windows 7 because it provides a much better speed and performance than Vista with identical hardware configurations. From my personal experience, I'd say it often works better than Windows XP, particularly in terms of startup time of Windows and some applications.

Cleaner and graphically enhanced user interface: Windows 7 is Vista's much clearer, especially on the taskbar and system tray and the ability to use themes. You can download and install Windows 7 Theme only a few clicks of the mouse to a second computer screen looks much better.

Under the combined programs: Microsoft has also heard comments from Windows users and critics and eliminated many of the features it offers, such as Messenger, Movie Maker, Live Writer, etc. Many people simply use them and what not use with the operating system as in the case of Windows Vista. But now, Microsoft has separately in its own download site instead of the group for users who need a free download from the Microsoft website. Also download security software called Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Windows 7, and much free from the Microsoft website.

Stability:- Windows 7 is much more stable operating system, and there is hardly a number of bugs reported so far. On the other hand, was known to crash a lot of computers at the beginning, and many had also reduced due to XP for the same reason. Even Windows XP was not stable at the beginning and was the only hope most people after Service Pack 2 came out. Similarly, Vista just started to get people a little hope, when the Service Pack 1 is released. But Windows 7 is just a very stable with no problems reported, without any service packs. It 'was also due to extensive beta testing Windows 7 OS, but it is much better than Vista in terms of stability, too.

I believe that Windows 7 is the best operating system ever to come out of Microsoft. And 'certainly better than Vista in almost everything, and I would say is even better than Windows XP, although many may deny it. Windows XP can be a bit 'faster than Windows 7, but then there are many more features than Windows XP 7. My last words - Come on, if you're not using it already.


Alan July 6, 2011 at 5:53 AM

Microsoft window 7 is the great operating system than the others.It has very fast speed and provide accurate performance.I also use it and i am very happy with it.
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