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Dec 4, 2011

Why Online Data Backup is Your Next Big Need?

The article describes the need and advantages of online data backup. The information compiled here is reliable and correct until date. Besides, it does not criticize or favor any other data backup utility that a user is currently using.

Online data backup, as the name suggests is a reliable, effective way of storing your entire hard drive data including folders, files, photos, attachments etc. on a network drive or remote server. Also known as remote backup, online data backup offers an excellent, affordable online medium of securing your critical data from calamitous disasters.

If you are still going around in circles over how and why, then read on to know. Data stored in a computer essentially bears the natural risk of being lost or damaged due to virus, malware infections; sudden power surge; hardware failure; system breakdown; human errors; and fire, theft etc. Irony is that data loss can occur anytime, anywhere irrespective of the arrangements that you have made to ensure its prevention.

Carbonite, an online backup service provider, stated in a press release "The top causes of small business' data loss included hardware/software failure (54 percent), accidental deletion (54 percent), computer viruses (33 percent) and theft (10 percent),"

The business world has stood witness to the fall of companies (major or minor) which suffered from data loss despite having done arrangements for data backup. One thing that these companies lacked of was the use of online data backup. According to Gartner, a US-based IT research & advisory company, “80% of businesses that suffer a major data loss or failure for more than 24 hours close within a year.”

Not just businesses, individuals like home users too have to go through the same dilemma in the absence of proper backup arrangements. No matter how many copies (in the form of flash drive, CD, DVDs etc) of the original hard drive data you make, the natural risks will remain involved in keeping them safe. There is another class of users that knows about the perils and is afraid of losing favorite music, videos, photos, documents, email etc., yet it doesn’t backup its data. Those users are strongly recommended to arrange for backups to avoid crying over the spilled milk.

Uses & Advantages:

Safety – Since the data is stored on a remote server or network drive, it remains safe and unharmed from the catastrophic damages. Therefore, in the event of a tragedy (for example theft) hitting your computer or home, your files, folders etc. will remain protected and intact. You can access all your data next time you will go online using a private or public computer.

Security – Considering the fact that the data traverses the internet, many service providers offer password-protection and encryption to keep online backups safe and secure. These features help ensure military-level security for users’ confidential information that could otherwise be taken advantage of.
Fast Access and Restore – The saved data can be accessed and restored anytime, anywhere using your login credentials. It’s fast, reliable and allows users to download their files, folders etc. using a simple web browser with just a click. This means that you will never have to dig out your old, precious treasure of clothes, jewelry, documents, or even hunt through your entire house to look for a backup media that can give you access to your saved data.

Reduce Data Maintenance Cost –
Online backup utility saves you time as well as money that would otherwise be spent looking for data recovery support options. Besides, it doesn’t require the purchase of more media like CD, DVD, or flash drive etc. for saving data backup. Your computer and the ordinary internet browser viz. Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. will do. You will also be saved from burning your piles of data including photos, music etc. to a CD, DVD etc. This essentially takes a great deal of time.

Customization, Flexibility – Don’t worry if you aren’t a computer geek. You are not even required to be. If you know how to operate your computer and use your internet browser, it’s more than sufficient. Online backup service providers offer customized, flexible plans that fit into your requirements without digging a hole in your pocket. These vendors also offer flexible support options for users in case they feel the need. You will simply have to dial their toll-free number and let them know about the problem. They will either fix your problem on the phone or through the remote connection.


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