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Jan 30, 2012

How to add a trusted application in McAfee

In this McAfee Technical support blog you will find the easy way to add a Trusted Application in McAfee. Anti-virus software is a necessity for virus removal, but sometimes it is so sensitive that it prevents you from opening an application you know to be safe. In previous versions of McAfee, you could add permissions yourself. As of 2010, in order to add a program as a trusted application, you must contact McAfee to have McAfee Security Center analyze and approve the application.(see also:How to Buy McAfee Antivirus Online).

What is the procedure? Let see…

1. First register on MacAfee security center.

2. Enter your email address, temporary password and a new password on the page that loads. Click "Submit."

3. Click the "Browse" button to locate the application you wish to add to your trusted list. Answer as many questions on the page as you can. Note that these questions are not mandatory.

4. Click "Submit." Once McAfee reviews the application and deems it safe, you will receive an email from WebImmune with further instructions.

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