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Feb 23, 2012

What to expect from Windows 8 operating system

Windows 8 has a completely reconfigured user interface from previous Windows operating systems like vista & windows 7, most significantly in its Metro-style user interface. User will have to access a complete touch-based operating system & complete with tiles. Microsoft bind Windows 8 with new features.

On the start screen, you will be able to see all your applications grouped together and you can simply drag to rearrange the layout. Users will also have access to a Windows App store, similar to Apple and Android's app stores where users can download a variety of apps. Windows 8 will come packaged with Internet Explorer 10 as well. (see also:secret hidden features of windows 8)

What to expect from Windows 8 opearting system

A handy new feature of the operating system is called ‘Windows to Go', which allows you to boot the operating system from a USB drive, with all your programs, settings and files so you can essentially access all your information on any given computer. The feature is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. 

To combat privacy hacks, Microsoft support has introduced a secure login system which will require users to tap three different areas of the screen to unlock it. 

Although Windows 8 has been centered around touch-based interactions. Microsoft has announced that the operating system will run on both x86 PCs as well as ARM-based tablets. This means that if you have an x86 Windows 7 laptop or PC, you could upgrade to Windows 8. The operating system will thus be able to run on tablets, laptops as well as desktops for uniformity across devices.windows 8 also have feature the Lock Screen that lets you control your computer's privacy. And you can personalize the lock screen in your windows 8 computer.

Another big development is that Windows 8 will be tied up with Microsoft's SkyDrive which will allow users to access their data via the cloud (cloud computing support), another feature that Apple's iCloud has already incorporated. Gaming fans should also be able to access Kinect from their laptops, although Microsoft is still working on the software.

Although Windows 8 does not have an official release date, it is speculated that it will be launched sometime in summer this year, may be till March 2012.


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