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Apr 18, 2012

Allow Win7 to manage wireless connections

Win 7 wireless network management allows users to configure his/her wireless connections and create profiles for different locations. After installing some wireless adapters, some wireless support manufacturer provides wireless management software that might disable the Microsoft wireless management service.You can also setup a home network in windows 7.

But Microsoft wireless management service provided by Microsoft support is easier to configure and use for home users rather than wireless manufactures provided management system.

Allow Win7 to manage wireless connections
So if you are not able to manage it, try to reactivate the Microsoft service, just follow easy steps given below -

Step1: Right click on 'My computer' and select 'Manage' option form pop-up list.

Step2: Now 'Computer Management' window will be open. Now double click on 'Services and Applications'. Now click on 'Services' after links spread out.

Step3: Now go below with scroll down and double click on 'WLAN AutoConfig' service option. Now open WLAN AutoConfig properties window and go below and click on label 'Startup type' and choose the 'Automatic' option and click on 'OK' button. (find here easy tips for how to get online technical support for a Netgear router…)

Step4: Now go to Start->Control panel->Network and Sharing Center. Now select the 'Manage wireless networks' link from the left side in network and sharing center window.

Step5: Now follow given instructions there to set up your wireless adapter and connect to a network.

Now setting has been configured. A restart prompt will be show on desktop and its time to restart your computer.

Now check that applied changes.

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