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May 4, 2012

Why windows Xp is still most popular?

I have finally figured out why Windows Xp is still so popular. It is the great feeling of satisfaction when you finally get something to work. 

It doesn’t require a huge amount of power to run and doesn’t try to upset the users during work. Windows 7 is good, despite offering a lot of improvements over Vista, but isn’t as good as Xp. Microsoft don’t want to produce an operating system as good as Xp because Microsoft want to sell software, and they want the user to upgrade and/or buy new computers and users won’t do that if the software is too good! Xp was too good and many users have no reason to leave it behind. But this is my personal opinion.

Why windows XP is still most popularComparison to windows Xp, there's a lot less support available for something as new as Windows 7.You can get windows Xp any service pack updates very easily and you can also find windows Xp support at any time (24*7). 

Xp has been around for nearly a decade, making it a senior citizen in computer years. It means, it has been beaten and hammered on and survived. We know its strengths and weaknesses and those weaknesses have been shored up over the years. The fact that Xp has been going strong for so long is a testament to how well it works, and how reliable it is.(see also:Fix Windows Xp Slow Startup )

The concepts that boom in Windows 7 were beginning to take shape, but the lack of a fluid transition from Xp to Vista/7 is likely the cause of its bloated user base that we still see today. That's why Microsoft going to lunch windows 8 to avoid the limitation of windows 7.

Some peoples say that Windows 7 is a superior operating system, yes it is, but it doesn't mean Xp is a rotting corpse. It still works, and works well.

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