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Jun 19, 2012

How to fix Windows 7 'Limited or No Connectivity' error

You may occasionally get an error message like 'The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might not be able to access the Internet or some network resources.' It indicates that your Windows 7 computer is having a problem trying to access your network device to connect to the Internet.

You can simply fix this 'Limited or No Connectivity' problem with these internet troubleshooting tips given below. Find easy steps -

Step 1: Open Control panel on Windows 7 computer and click 'System and Security' option.

Step 2: Now select the device manager option from the 'System' tab in this window.

Step 3: Another window (Device Manager) will be appeared where all the devices are placed under their relevant categories.

Step 4: Now click and expand 'Network Adapters' that display all relevant network adapters that are used in your computer. Select Network Adapter that you use for connectivity to internet and open the properties of this adapter. Find some additional tips for how to speed-up slow internet connection.

Step 5: Property window will be opened. Now check the status of device as 'it is working properly'.

Step 6: Click 'Driver' tab and ensure that the drivers are also installed and are working properly. Now close this property window if everything is fine and you will again land you on to the screen where you opened the 'Device Manager' from. Also find here how to fix 'Cannot Connect to the Internet' issue in Windows 7.

Step 7: Now select 'Windows Firewall' and click 'Firewall Status'. Check the public network status which might be disconnected in most cases. Connect to the network and set up its firewall settings. Hopefully, your Internet connection will start working nicely.

The operation is as simple as the instructions above and it worked for me and it is the best solution to any kinds of problems related to 'Limited or No Connectivity' issues in Windows.


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