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Jun 4, 2012

Why Windows 7 computer shutdown randomly

Windows 7 is a very advanced and up-to-date system which has become extremely popular since its launch. However, many users are encountering that Windows 7 automatically shuts down(see also:Microsoft windows vista won't shut down) at times. This Windows 7 shutdown problem has become one of the most common problems that may occur or recur due to the following causes.

Why Windows 7 computer shutdown randomly
One of the biggest causes of this windows 7 problem is the hardware and software conflict problems. So, if you are planning to install hardware or software in your windows 7 system, make sure that you have proper knowledge to find the right hardware and software program. It is because Windows 7 checks the compatibility between hardware and programs every time during operations.

This problem can also occur due to something wrong in system registry. Because the registry plays important role in all Windows operations and it has 100's of its settings opened and read every time you use your computer. If any system files are damaged, corrupted or unreadable, your system is going to run slower(Reason of windows 7 slow performance) and with a series of errors. 

Then, you can clean your system registry to prevent from windows 7 auto shutdown problem.  A registry cleaner will help you clean those corrupt and extra registry files which always result in causing windows error. So, it is now possible that Windows 7 would not face this shutting down issue after the help of a registry cleaner.You can take

But sometimes, Windows 7 shuts down automatically because the computer has overheated. To fix this, if you have a laptop, then place the laptop onto a desk or flat surface to make sure that the air can get to it as designed and if you have a desktop, then you should take the side case off the computer and use a fan to cool air at your system.

Also find here some easy tips how to backup registry in Windows 7 >>.


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