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Jul 17, 2012

How to add bluetooth on Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 allows you to add bluetooth devices to your system so that you can exchange files between your phone or other bluetooth devices and your system and use features with your computer system. Also find here how can share internet in windows 7 with bluetooth.

Find below Windows 7 help guide for how easily can you setup bluetooth on Windows 7 so that your system easily recognize and accept it -

How to add bluetooth on Windows 7
Step 1: First connect the bluetooth device to USB port on your computer and check that it is detecting on your computer or not.

Step 2: Now insert the bluetooth software driver CD to your system that will auto start after few seconds then follow instruction to finish bluetooth software installation.

Step 3: Now go to 'start -> Devices and Printers' and click 'Add a device' from top of the window.

Step 4: Now your Windows 7 system will search the bluetooth device which connected to your system. 

Step 5: Click the bluetooth device you want to install from the list and then click the 'Next' button and wait for windows to configure the bluetooth device. If prompted to enter a passcode, enter the default code listed in the bluetooth device manual. In many cases, the default passcode will be '0000'.

Now the bluetooth device has successfully installed and ready to use.

Note: If you bluetooth device was not listed in the search results from Step 4, make the device discoverable. Access your Bluetooth-enabled device's settings page, and turn on the device's 'Listen' or 'Discoverable' function to allow you computer to find it.

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