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Jul 5, 2012

How to remove fake Windows security alert

If you are using Windows system then you are likely to experience fake Windows security alerts. It's just a fake scanner or warning that reports a huge number of non-existent viruses and security problems to make you think that your computer is infected. These are designed to get users to download useless programs or click on advertisements. Find here where do malicious computer viruses come from?

You can fix these alerts by following the instructions given below -

How to remove fake Windows security alert
Step 1: First check your Windows machine to ensure that your actual security settings are fully updated with the latest version of Windows.

Step 2: Now perform a free scan to remove fake Windows security alerts on your Windows machine using Microsoft's online 'Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner' by visiting Microsoft safety scanner website 'safety.live.com'

Step 3: Download free adware removal software to perform computer scan if above step doesn't work for you. The software provides strong protection against unwanted PC pop-ups and adware including fake Windows security alerts. Find here more info about today 's most common & high risk computer security threats.

Step 4: But sometime the fake Windows alerts couldn't be deleted with the adware removal software because these are likely a viral file that prevents itself from being detected and then removed. Now perform a complete virus removal operation with your updated antivirus.

If you are still seeing fake security alerts, then your computer might have a very hard-to-remove infection. You can immediately call us on 1-877-452-9201 for Windows support to fix this issue before the problem worsens. We are available 24*7.


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