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Aug 16, 2012

How to Create a Desktop Background Slideshow in Windows 7

How nice it appears when you recollect memories of an old vacation, birthday bash or office party right on the desktop of your Windows 7 PC with a moving slide show. It may certainly throw a smile on your face when you see your great photos appearing in a slide show on your desktop when you turn on your Windows 7 PC and move to work on a presentation or email. I am going to discuss here how you can make a Desktop background slide show of the collection of your great photos. Check the steps below:
1. First arrange the pictures that you want to put in a slide show in a single folder. If the pictures are scattered in different folders, copy and paste them one by one in a single folder.
2. When done, click the Start button> Control Panel. In the Search box, at the top right-hand corner, type ‘desktop backgrounds’ and hit Enter. Click the Change desktop background link in the search results.
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3. You will see a list of pictures which you want to arrange a slide show of. If you don’t see the desired pictures on the screen, click the Browse button beside Picture Location and select your folder or library.
4. All your pictures in that folder will appear on the screen. By default, all of the pictures will be automatically selected for the proposed slideshow. However, if you want to select only a few of them, clear the boxes beside undesired pictures. The non-selected pictures will be excluded from the slideshow.
5. If you want to customize your pictures before you put them in the slideshow, do this. Click an image in the Picture position list to crop, stretch, center, or fit it to the screen etc. In the Change picture every list, you can change how quickly a pictures changes in the slideshow.
6. If you want to have your pictures appear in a random order, check the Shuffle box. When done, click the Save Changes button and you are done.

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