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Aug 24, 2012

How to Install an External Hard Drive in Windows 7

If your Windows 7 computer is running out on storage due to which it hangs or malfunctions, it needs to be immediately tended to before a hard drive crash occurs, causing data loss or system crash among other problems. You can install an external hard disk to increase the disk space, extend your Windows 7 computer’s life, and fix several common PC problems. Check these steps given below and install an external hard disk in your Windows 7 computer: (Also find here Windows 7 support)
1. Unpack your external hard disk drive and keep its software setup disk and the cable handy. If you want, you can also keep the instructions handy though you don’t need them. Many hard drives are plug-and-play devices and hence don’t need driver installation via software setup disk in Windows 7.
2. Check if yours is a plug-and-play device. If it is, you simply need to plug it in to a USB port of your Windows 7 computer. Once plugged in, Windows 7 will automatically install the right drivers for it either from its existing driver file base or from the Internet if you are online. You will see a notification like ‘Installing device driver software’ in the system tray.
3. When done, you will see a message similar to ‘Your device is ready to use’. This message indicates that you can now start using your hard disk. However, you will have to first format this hard drive before using it to store files, images, videos, or audios etc. as desired. Find here how to partition and format the hard drive in Windows 7.
4. Windows 7 will automatically assign a letter to your second hard drive depending on your computer configurations. If you want to see what letter has been assigned to the hard drive, click the Start menu> Computer. There you will see your external hard drive besides your main drive C:\ (if you have assigned a different letter to your main drive, then you will see that one). Find here how to protect your hard disk from virus, malware infections.
5. If your external hard drive is not a plug-and-play device but requires an external SATA (Serial ATA) or IEEE1394/Firewire port, then you may need to insert the software setup disk and follow the instructions then to install it. Though it’s not needed because in that case also, you will have to plug the hard drive in the Firewire or SATA port and Windows 7 will automatically find and install the right drivers for it.
6. Once installed, you can now format your external hard drive as mentioned above and then use it to store your collection. If you plan onto using it as the primary hard disk for Windows configurations, you will have to first install Windows 7 on to it before using your computer. A Windows 7 installation disk will be required to perform the Windows 7 setup and configuration. Find here how to format and reinstall Windows 7 on your PC.


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