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Sep 7, 2012

Create a New User Account on Dell Windows 7 Computer

A user account is the profile usually protected with a password using which you log in to your Dell Windows 7 computer. It’s not just Dell but every computer that you might have at your home or office needs a user account with a password to log in. Since you want to create a user account for your Dell Windows 7 computer, here are some tips for you. You can also password-protect your newly-created user account. (See Also Windows 7 support here)
1. Before you begin, make sure that you have administrator privileges to log in to your Dell Windows 7 computer. Without admin access, you won’t be able to make such changes. If you have lost admin access to your computer, contact Dell technical support.
2. Log in to your computer as an administrator. If you are already logged in (but not as an admin), log off your computer and log back in as an administrator. When done, click the Start button> Control Panel> User Accounts> Manage another account> Create a new account.
3. In the Create New Account screen, type the name for your new account in the New account name box. When done, you will see two options namely Standard User and Administrator. If you want to make this new user account a standard one, click the Standard User option and then click the Create Account button.
4. If you want to make this an admin account, click Administrator and then click Create Account. You will now see your newly-created user account listed in the next screen (Manage Accounts). Since this user account does not have a password, it can be taken advantage of by anyone and I am sure you would never be willing to let it happen. So, let’s set a password for this account. Double-click the icon of your newly created account. You will now see Manage changes to your (name) account> Create a password.
5. In the Create a password for account screen, type the desired password in the respective box. Retype the password and click Create password and that’s it. Your new account is password protected now. You will now return to your user account settings. If you want to further customize settings for this user account, click each option and follow the prompts. When done, exit Control Panel. (See Also how to customize Windows 7 computer)
6. Despite putting your best efforts in creating and password-protecting your new user account, problems may arise. So, if you encounter a problem, contact Dell technical support. If the problem is Windows related, contact Microsoft Windows 7 support.


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