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Feb 14, 2011

Microsoft Makes Windows 7 SP1 Public

Microsoft announces its OEMs, the much awaited service pack for Windows 7 Operating System and Windows Server 2008 Release 2, the corporated accessibility for which is set for 22nd of February 2011

In the cycle of Microsoft’s releases, the preliminary service pack is a most important milestone in the development of a product. At the present, Microsoft is situating its Windows 7 during that ceremony of passage, releasing service pack 1 (SP1) to PC OEMs.

Microsoft’s release, which also includes Windows Server Release 2 (R2), will be offered to corporate customers by next week, with the release slated for February 22, 2011.

“Microsoft Windows 7, SP1 will help to maintain your PCs well maintained by providing ongoing updates, numerous of which have been made formerly accessible through Windows Update,” Microsoft said.

For support on the product you can reach Microsoft Tech Support shell established by V tech-squad.


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