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Feb 21, 2011

Simple steps to disable unwanted services of windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems have so many unwanted services that are designed to serve the connected hardware peripherals, applications and drivers etc. Among these operating systems, Windows XP has the least number of services.

 Sometimes we suffer that our PC is so bogged down we can not do any work on it anymore. Few services of windows 7 are not useful for the usual working of computer. Even though there is no use of such services they consume memory and will be running on the background of the operating system.

If you are looking for a way to speed up Windows 7 performance in your computer without any help of Windows 7 tech support, you need to disable unwanted services of windows 7.

To disable unwanted services of windows 7, the simple steps to be followed are listed below:-

  1. Start menu,
  2. Click on all programs.
  3. Now go to administrative tools option. However, you have to note that this option may not be able to be seen unless it is enabled.
  4. To seen this option, right click on start menu, then go to properties option
  5. Then click on customize.
  6. After the window opens, click on Advanced.
  7. Then check the option display on all programs menu under this option ‘system administrative tools’ now you should be able to see this option.
  8. Now click on services and select the option ‘Manual’ after giving a right click on services that you don’t require currently.
  9. After it, you need to restart your computer.


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