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Mar 8, 2011

Windows 7 Performance Tweaks

Windows 7 is much faster operating system than windows Vista, but still everyone wants to speed-up Windows 7, as sometime it can be very annoying when you want to start your windows quickly for some urgent work and it takes forever to boot.
Given below performance tweaks are very simple and quite effective, try these step to speed up your windows 7 performance.

1. Disable Search Index Feature:-
Search index feature keeps track of your files so that they can be founds easily. Most users do not perform searches often so they can disable this feature otherwise skip this tweak.
Simple steps to Disable Search Index Feature
  1. Right click
  2. Click on my computer
  3. Then click manage
  4. Now click on Services and Applications
  5. Computer Management
  6. Now click on “Services”. In “Services” search “Windows Search” and right on click it and select Properties.
  7. The “Windows Search Properties Window” will open up;
  8. Select “Disabled” from “Startup Type”.
  9. Click “Apply” and then OK.
2.Disable the User Account Control Feature:-
If you are the only user of a computer then you can Disable the User Account Control Feature, otherwise don’t. User Account Control feature in Windows 7 says it can protect you from viruses and things like that but its not worthy of using.
Simple steps to disable Windows 7 User Account Control Feature.
  1. Go to “Control Panel"
  2. Then click User Accounts and Family Safety
  3. User Account Click the “Change User Account settings” link Drag the slider towards “never notify
  4. Then “Windows Search Properties Window” will open up, select “Disabled” from “Startup Type”.
  5. Click “Apply” and then OK.
3. Fragmented hard drive:-
The Disk Fragmented improves hard drive performance and speed by piecing together parts of files that have been broken apart. As you use your computer, files are constantly added, changed and removed. A defragmenter is an application that reorganizes the data on your hard drive's partitions in such a manner that the files are stored in as much contiguous space as possible.
Simple steps to Fragmented hard drive
  1. Click on My Computer
  2. Right click on your C drive
  3. Select Properties
  4. Choose the Tools tab
  5. Click "Defragment Now" button under "Defragmentation"
4. Set Up the Ready Boost Service
Ready Boost service allows you to use your Flash Drive as Ram. For this you need a High speed Ready Boost compatible USB/Flash.
  1. Open “Computer” right click the USB Drive
  2. Then click on Properties
  3. Ready Boost Tab and tick the “Use this device” check box.
  4. Space used as Ram can also be configured here.


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