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May 31, 2011

Why Update Microsoft Windows Regular

Your Windows computer understands all your needs of editing docs, saving, sharing, playing music/movies, games, browsing wirelessly, talking to friends etc. However, do you understand the needs of your Windows computer? Does it sound odd? It might sound little bizarre as most of us think that our Windows operating system needs nothing except a good antivirus program for protection and a few tools that make it run faster.
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However, it's not true as Windows OS is a computer program written in millions of technical programming codes, and like any other man-made thing, it is essentially prone to errors and flaws.

These errors and technical flaws are corrected through Windows updates that are launched time to time by Microsoft. Windows being the most widely used operating system across the world is the easiest and favorite target of global computer hackers.

Windows updates are beneficial in many ways to your computer and the hardware and software you attach to it to enjoy live music, videos, games, browsing, or wireless connection among other things. Below are the some of the features that Windows updates provide:


This has been, and is, and will be the most concerned issue with all types of computers. Since, Windows computers are little more vulnerable to virus attacks than other PCs; the concern is higher with them. Windows runs executable programs and files that trigger virus and spyware among other malware infections to be downloaded on the PC.

Besides a good antivirus program, Windows updates help keep the PC guarded against all the old and newly-developed infections. Windows updates install the necessary virus definitions to the antivirus program and expand its resources base about a particular infection's behavior. Therefore, when the particular infection tries to be installed on your PC, your antivirus program will know that it's an infection and needs to be removed immediately before it causes damage to the data.


Since, Windows is designed to install and run multiple programs at a time; this often results into slow performance issue. We often download and install software, tools, music/video files and browse many websites that download cookies and temp files into the PC, if not necessary to be retained, these files will only eat up computer memory and sometimes clog the computer, resulting into slow speed and performance. There could be a hardware and software also that may create issue with the Windows and result into slow performance. Windows updates repair the Windows components, improve their performance, and suggest you how to make your PC function at its best.

Software and Hardware:-

Windows updates install latest features and enhancements including drivers for software and hardware installed on your PC. The updates help improve their functionality and efficiency by rectifying the errors automatically.

Additional Tidbits:-

Now, this essentially doesn't mean that Windows updates can totally save a computer from all types of technical glitches or errors.

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