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May 25, 2011

Windows 8 will become in 2012 - Some features revealed

According to the latest announcement of Steve Ballmer, (Chief Executive officer)CEO of Microsoft the next version of their operating system – Windows 8 will become available in 2012.

During the conference held in Tokyo Steve Ballmer didn’t tell anything about the features of the windows 10 and thus didn’t confirm or reject the rumor circulating on the Internet.

At the same the Chief Executive officer(CEO) said that they work at natural user interface. “We want smart devices to work the way we work, to recognize us and our actions. Speech recognition, vision, handwriting recognition, touch interfaces, these are all part of the theme,” said Steve Ballmer.

The second big area of innovation will come in natural language, i.e. voice, and vision, and touch. “With natural language, we're really asking ourselves the question, can we let you control your computing environment by expressing intent instead of specific commands. Today on a PC, it's file open, blah, blah, blah, respond, reply, forward….. With natural language, whether it's in English, or Japanese, or any one of a number of other languages, you should be able to command the computer with your intent, and have it take action,” explained Ballmer.

The third area will be HTML and JavaScript.

The forth one is chip and form factors. According to Ballmer the new system will support system-on-a-chip architectures, not only from Intel and AMD, but also from a set of ARM vendors.

The last thing Steve Ballmer told about was the cloud. “And with both Azure, Windows Azure and SQL Azure, as well as Office 365, we've made a major step into the cloud,” he said.


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