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Jul 10, 2011

10 hidden features in Windows 8 operating system

After the leak of Windows 8, we expected to find out more about features as users across the internet got their hands on the bits, and some users have already pulled apart Windows 8 and discovered interesting references to functionality that we haven't seen yet.

10 hidden features in Windows 8 operating system:-
  • Windows Store.
  • Two-class society.
  • Boot in under 20 seconds?
  • Automatic Maintenance (Microsoft puts a heavy emphasis on optimizing and increasing overall stability of Windows 8: A new "Automatic Maintenance" regularly checks for solutions to problems (via Windows Error Report), runs the .NET Optimization Service and defrags all hard disks automatically -- all of this happens while the PC is on idle, of course.)
  • Disk Defragmenter (The new Disk Defragmenter is finally capable of handling SSD drives and allows users to perform the TRIM command much easier than in Windows 7).
  • Performance boost.
  • Usability goal: Click reduction.
  • Windows Explorer.
  • ISO mounting.
  • Windows Time Machine.
 Source :- http://forum.mintywhite.com


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