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Jul 19, 2011

Start up Problem In Windows 7

System startup problems are the most common for computer users. It is running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 boot problem may be a part of one of these operating systems. Most often it happens that you start your computer, but will not start. You try to start many times, but failed. Even you can start the computer in Safe Mode. At that time, many people are easy to install the operating system to start to solve the problem.

The startup problem is taken more seriously at Windows 7, so a startup repair tool is built into Windows 7. When you Install Windows 7 on your computer, the Startup Repair tool is automatically installed on the drive where Windows is installed 7. This repair program starting automatically appear on the computer screen when Windows 7 notice any problems start. Running this program, Windows 7 automatically solve the problems that create problems to boot. These questions could be linked to corruption in the system log files, etc.

It can also occur when you are having problems starting Windows 7, you can not see the Startup Repair option. In this situation, you can use the bootable CD of Windows 7 to use the Startup Repair tool. When you insert the CD into the CD, you are prompted to press any key to play the CD. When you press a button, you are prompted to select a language to continue. When you pass, you see a lot of options. Select the Start-up Repair option and proceed with the repair of Windows 7. When selected, Windows 7 starts to work after completing the repair process, you will be able to work with Windows 7.

However, it can also happen that the Startup Repair tool will not help you, which means the loss of all data stored on your computer's hard drive partition that is running Windows 7. And if the size of your entire hard drive, then all available data will be lost. At that time, the file recovery software tool to help you.

The tool file recovery software scans the damaged hard drive or hard disk partition from which you have lost data. After the scan is complete, the tool file recovery software displays all the data collected in a tree like structure. You can view the recovered data before saving the data on the hard drive of your computer.


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