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Jul 20, 2011

How to Increase the Virtual Memory of Windows Vista

This blogpost contain the informaton about Increasing the Virtual Memory of Windows Vista. I have already discussed the steps to Increase the Virtual Memory in Windows XP in my previous post Steps to Increase the Virtual Memory in Windows XP

Random access memory is a vital component in determining how fast a computer runs. Virtual memory is disk space reserved on your hard drive, which can be used as an extension of main memory (Random Access Memory). Windows XP uses virtual memory to store when you run the program exceed the amount of physical memory. The increase of the virtual memory prevents RAM overflowing and system crashes. Windows will automatically manage your RAM and virtual memory, but you can increase the amount of virtual memory that you want the computer to use.

Steps to increase virtual memory in windows Vista
  • Log in to the administrator account then click the Start button.
  • Then click Control Panel and choose System and Maintenance.
  • After that click on System then select Advanced system settings.
  • Then select the Advanced tab and click on Settings in the Performance.
  • Select the tab Advanced and read the current size of the virtual memory.
  • Click Change and uncheck the box Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Then customize your size according to need.
  • Enter the desired virtually memory size in the fields Initial size and Maximum size.
  • After that click OK then click Yes to restart your PC.
Note:- It is recommended to enter the same amount of memory in both fields to increase the system performance.


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