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Jul 27, 2011

Steps to Set Up Microsoft Outlook Express In windows Vista

When Windows Vista was released, a free e-mail program with the previous version of Windows has been a major overhaul. Windows Mail for Windows released (and then Windows Live Mail), a complete replacement for Outlook Express and no longer support the old Outlook Express. Windows Mail is an effective Outlook Express 7 In fact, Microsoft support pages indicate that a user is looking for Outlook Express on Vista, you have to switch to Windows Mail. This guide will show you how to configure your default mail program, while retaining the original Vista, Outlook Express, about the same.(see also:How to Check My Outlook Express Email ).

Steps to Set Up Outlook Express In Vista :-
  • Open Windows Mail as administrator, right-click on the Start menu and select "Run as administrator".
  • Select File > Import > Windows Contacts.
  •  Then Select CSV from the list and select "Import." Browser USB drive and select the address book in CSV text file to open. Make sure all fields are angry, and press the button "Finish" to import the contacts.
  • Select Tools > Internet Accounts & select" Import”. Again, go to the USB key and select the file (. IAF), which contains the configuration of your email account. Repeat for each account of export.
  • Select File >Import > Messages and select "Outlook Express 6." Import mail from an OE6 Select Directory "and select" OK. "Go to the backup folder in Outlook on your USB drive that contains the message, click" Next ", select" All Files "and select" Next ". Your messages will be imported and" Finish "final press.
You can also setup Microsoft Outlook express filter>>


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