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Oct 28, 2011

How to Fix MBR in Windows 7

It can happen that your Master Boot Record will be corrupted/damaged after a cold-start of your PC and you need to repair your Master Boot Record in order to bring your computer back to its normal working condition. When Master Boot Record becomes corrupt Usually “Operating System not found“ error message is displayed. If this happens, a user needs to use the original Windows 7 installation disc and the "fixmbr" command to repair the operating system.
To avoid data loss, you can create a backup of your MBR. Although Windows 7 does not include native MBR backup capability, you can complete this task using MBRtool, a free utility. If you find some difficulties while performing any of the below mentioned steps on your own, then you can also take help from  online technical support  at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201 For US/CA.

Steps to Fix MBR (Master Boot Record) in Windows 7

•    Insert the Windows 7 installation disc into the computer's disc drive and reboot the computer. Press any key to continue when prompted.

•    Click the "Repair your computer" option.

•    Wait for the installer to scan for Windows operating systems on the computer. Select "Windows 7" from the System Recovery Options window that appears and click "Next."

•    Select "Command Prompt" from the list of recovery options that appears.

•    Type "bootrec.exe /fixmbr" and press the "Enter" key. After the process completes, the computer reboots.

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