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Oct 20, 2011

How to Use Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista

In this blog I have tried to explain how the built-in Windows Movie Maker program can be used to create or edit movies, videos, or slide shows etc. If you want to edit or share a movie, you should have a movie or movie clip etc. in Windows Movie Maker (WMM). If you don’t have a clip to edit, import it using this method. The methods compiled here are simple and correct until date. It is, however, recommended that users follow them correctly to avoid making mistakes. 

Open Windows Movie Maker and click on the “File” menu. 

Click to select “Import Media Items” and browse to the location where the media file(s) is saved. 

Click on your favorite media file and then hit the “Import” button. When the clip has been imported, right click on it and select “Add to Timeline” from the dropdown list. You can also use the “Import Media” button to import any item. 

Steps to Edit a Clip 

If you don’t want to make your video clip a motion clip, then add some music to it. Repeat the abovementioned procedure and drag and drop a music clip to Audio/Music under the Timeline. Now drag the audio clip to either left or right of the video to synchronize. You will see a red pointer that will help you dragging it in the intended position. If you desire to adjust the audio clip’s volume, then right click on it and then click to select Volume from the dropdown menu. Use slider to adjust the sound level. 

If you want to add effects or have control on your movie when it transits among clips, click on the Tools menu and then select Transitions. It will open the list of all the available options, click on any one of them use the Play button to foretaste it. When done selecting a transition, drag it under the Timeline tray using the left mouse click. Use the pointer to place it between or among different clips. You can also modify the time duration for transitioning between video clips. To decrease the time duration, point down the transition from starting to the bottom of timeline. If you want to increase the duration, then reverse this procedure. 

If you desired to add special effects to your movie, then navigate to Tools and then select Effects. Select any effect and then press the Play button to foretaste it. When decided, drag the effect under Timeline and drop it to the movie or video clip. When done, review and/or change your settings as desired and then select the Publish Movie option from the File tab. When asked, click on This computer and then hit the Next button
Give a name to your movie in the box saying File name. Select the location in your computer where you want to save the movie in the box namely Publish to. Customize the settings as desired and click on the Publish button. If you want to play the movie subsequent to the publishing, then place a checkmark in the box Play movie when I click finish.


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