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Feb 7, 2012

Fix Windows 7 hang up

It has been seen that the latest operating system windows 7 hangs on the welcome screen right after login or while shutting down. Some of the time even user experienced their mouse and keyboards stopped responding to their action. The reason behind this frequent hangs might be many... Windows 7 support is discussing here some of them among all.

Viruses and Spyware: Malicious files are the common reasons of a slow computer and may be hiding in your system with your permission and being you aware of its presence. These spyware and malware viruses corrupt your files and hinder your computer's performance causing Windows 7 to eventually hang. Virus removal should be done at regularly interval.

Too many programs running at once: While working on your computer try to make sure that only the necessary programs are running and the unnecessary applications might consumes more virtual RAM (Random Access Memory) than your system can handle. Don't open a lot of applications simultaneously. Limit the number of software and websites currently running to those that are importantly only. Always update your O/S from Microsoft support latest update.

Corrupt Windows Registry: The registry is the source of information and settings Windows 7 references during operation. The registry database eventually becomes stuffed and cluttered with uneven entries because of redundant and obsolete entries leaving it corrupted. It is advised then to clean your Windows registry to delete those unwanted entries.
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