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Feb 8, 2012

Get rid of a virus on a Dell Laptop

Computer viruses are programs designed to infect one computer, reproduce and spread to additional systems, according to Microsoft support. Viruses are designed to perform different tasks that harm your computer. As a result, if your Dell laptop shows symptoms of a virus---crashes, slow performance or unusual error messages, for example---you should virus removal as soon as possible to prevent damage or data loss. Dell laptops come with a trial version of McAfee Security Center (McAfee support) installed. To get rid of a virus on a Dell laptop or Dell technical support, you can run anti-virus tools, which identify, locate, quarantine and remove viruses and other malicious software.

McAfee Security Center Virus Scan:
1. Open your Dell laptop's anti-virus program. When you bought your laptop, you received anti-virus trial software. Click "Start" and point to "All Programs" and select the software---McAfee Security Center.

2. Click "VirusScan Console." If a window appears asking if you would like to use the program, select "Yes."

3. Right click "Full Scan" then left click "Start." It can take several minutes to several hours to complete the scan. When the scan finishes, close the scan software and restart your computer. Scan the computer again to make sure the system is clean.

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