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Feb 10, 2012

How to convert windows xp sp2 to sp3

Microsoft technical support offers windows service packs, are used to update windows operating systems and add additional features, such as security patches and additional tools. It is imperative to keep your computer updated(see also: set auto-update) with the latest service packs. Many software programs won't load on your system unless you have the most current service packs installed. If you experience problems with Windows Xp support, update to the latest service pack, which is SP3 on the 32-bit versions of Windows Xp. Be aware that the SP3 upgrade isn't for the Windows Xp 64-bit version.

1. Navigate to the "Start" menu, then select "All Programs" and "Windows Update." The Windows Update website opens.

2.  Select "Express" option when presented with an option to choose.

3.  Select "Service Pack Update" and click "Install Updates."

4.  Follow the online directions. Restart your computer when prompted to do so.

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