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Feb 15, 2012

What is Windows Security Patch & How to download Windows Security Patch?

Windows Security Patch

A security patch is a small piece of software which is specifically designed to be able to update or fix problems with your computer system or program, and this includes everything from fixing bugs to replacing graphics and it can also include performance like any other computer system. The actual size of a security patch will vary but in particular they will be larger when the changes add or replace a non-program data.

These patches fix known vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system, stopping threads, latest crucial virus removal and malware removal from exploiting and infecting your computer.

Microsoft Windows and other operating systems are extremely complex and contain many millions of lines of code. This often means that when a new operating system is released and in use by large numbers of people, software bugs and vulnerabilities emerge. 

Security is a constant cat and mouse game, between malware writers hunting for security holes and vulnerabilities they can exploit, and Microsoft, who aim to fix the problems and close the holes before malicious software can take advantage. When a bug is discovered, Microsoft release patches that replace vulnerable files with secure versions, stopping the exploits from occurring.

How to download security patches:

Microsoft support releases its patches through the Windows Update Center. The Windows Update service scans your computer to establish the software installed on your PC, along with the version numbers. It then uses this information to show the available patches released to fix known vulnerabilities in the installed software. 

Either you can check for new patches manually, or the Windows Update(Run Windows Update in Windows 7) Service can run automatically, checking for new patches and downloading the latest updates as they are made available. Microsoft normally releases patches on the second Tuesday of the month, known as "Patch Tuesday." Microsoft release patches as a batch, to fix any problems found previously.

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