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Apr 4, 2012

Fix Microsoft office 1402 error

One of the most common issues that face office users is the dreaded 1402 Error. This appears when you’re trying to install Office and can prevent the Microsoft office installation from commencing. The 1402 error is a problem caused by the Office installation being unable to open and save a certain registry key on your PC. To find Microsoft office help to fix this 1402 error problem, follow these simple steps -

Step1: Click on 'Start' then go to Programs->Accessories->System Tools and then click on 'System Information'.

Fix Microsoft office 1402 error

Step2: Now click on tools menu and click on 'Registry Checker'. Here you can receive this error message on your screen (Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry. Windows will restart the computer and repair the system registry for you.)

If you got this error message, then its time to restart your computer.

If you didn’t get this error message then follow step3 -

Step3: First close all running program or application on your computer, then open "scanreg /fix" from 'run' option. Now click on 'start' and click on 'Yes' button to restart your computer again.
Now run Microsoft office setup once again.
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