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Apr 9, 2012

Windows 8 : The secret hidden features

 Windows 8 has a completely reconfigured user interface from previous Windows operating systems like vista & windows 7, most significantly in its Metro-style user interface. User will have to access a complete touch-based operating system & complete with tiles. Microsoft binds Windows 8 with new features and also hide some mind blowing features before launch.But we are exploring here some of secret hidden features of windows 8.

Windows 8 : The secret hidden features
Boot in less than 20 seconds: Windows 8 has a new hybrid boot mode which drastically reduces (cold) boot time and will most likely be the default boot option going forward. In essence, it's a combination of "Log Off" and "Hibernate", users click on the shutdown button, Windows closes all running applications, logs off and then goes into hibernation mode.

Automatic Maintenance: Windows 8 has a new automatic maintenance feature. Microsoft puts a heavy emphasis on optimizing and increasing overall stability of Windows 8 that regularly checks for solutions to problems.

New Disk Defragmenter: The new Disk Defragmenter is finally capable of handling SSD drives and allows users to perform the TRIM command much easier than in Windows 7. It checks for bad sectors in real-time and marks them as "bad" in order to avoid data loss or damage.

Windows Explorer: Windows Explorer is the next tool that received a UI overhaul and a perfect example of where Microsoft reduces the steps necessary to perform tasks: Like it or not, Windows 8 is likely to come with a ribbonized version of Windows Explorer.

Windows Time Machine: Last but not least because it is still in beta version so more to come. Microsoft finally managed to give its "Restore Previous Versions" feature a usable and intuitive interface. There is a history vault lets you go back in time and restore earlier versions of a folder, just in case you accidentally made some unwanted changes or deleted some of its contents which is pretty similar to Apples Time Machine in Mac OS X.

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