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May 17, 2012

Fix conflicts between Mcafee & Internet Explorer

McAfee and Microsoft, both are the top products in computer world and well known by every computer user. Microsoft provides the complete system products, software’s and tools where as McAfee provides virus removal protection and complete security helps to computer softwares. So, both needs well compatibility to perform together.
Fix conflicts between Mcafee & Internet Explorer 
But sometime, any Microsoft tool like Internet explorer may not well sync with McAfee, and its result is; blank McAfee windows, buffer overflow errors and the crashing of either one of the products or your operating system.(see also:How to Remove McAfee Products)

But we can fix these McAfee problems with internet explorer to avoid conflicts between them. So find here easy steps to avoid conflict problem between McAfee and Internet Explorer-

Step 1: First update your windows operating system and internet explorer .You can find the updates in internet explorer official website.

Step 2: Also update you McAfee with latest patches which you can find on 'Product Patches' page at McAfee official website.

Step 3: Now open product files folder and scroll down to either the McAfee or Internet Explorer folder.

Step 4: Now open the folder and search the '.exe' file…also find here how to add a trusted application in McAfee.

Step 5: After select the '.exe' file. Now right click on the '.exe' file and select the "Properties" option, and select the compatibility tab in the properties dialog box.

Step 6: Now check the 'Compatibility mode' check box and select the operating system you are using from the Compatibility mode drop-down list, and click on 'OK'.

Now in new windows operating system, you can use the Program Compatibility troubleshooter. Search for 'troubleshooter' and click on 'Troubleshooting'.

Now its time to restart your computer and check that McAfee is compatible with Internet explorer or not. 

I hope it would be fix this problem.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser, so find here steps to configure McAfee Internet Security 
for Mozilla Firefox.


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