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Jul 19, 2012

Bypass Microsoft Windows 7 Password Using Simple Tips

Microsoft Windows 7 is an advanced operating system from Microsoft. It integrates several built-in features and utilities that stand it apart from other operating systems.

Recovering or bypassing login password is one of those great utilities that Microsoft Windows 7 offers. If you have lost or forgotten your Windows 7 login password for a standard or another admin account, then follow the below mentioned instructions to get through the login system.

Using Admin Account:

If the password you have forgotten or lost is of a standard user account and not of the admin one, then you can easily log into your admin account and reset the password. To do so, click the Start button, type ‘lusrmgr.msc’ (without quotes and as is) in the Start Search field, and hit Enter on the keyboard.

When prompted for admin password, input the password, and hit Enter. Click Local Users and Groups and then select Users. Right-click on the account that requires a password reset and click Set Password. When prompted, enter the new password, reenter to confirm, and hit Enter on the keyboard or click OK (whatever option you see there to proceed). It is to be noted that you will lose all the emails for this user account after resetting the password.

Using Windows 7 Disc\CD:

Insert the original Windows 7 OS disc in to the CD\DVD-ROM and boot your computer. When prompted ‘Press any key to boot from CD’, hit any key on the keyboard to proceed. Wait until the loading is finished. Press Enter on the keyboard to enter the Setup mode, press the F8 key on the keyboard to accept the license agreement, and then select Repair.

Wait until the repair process finishes and the computer automatically reboots itself. When you see this prompt ‘Installing Devices’ at the extreme bottom left hand side of the screen, press Shift and F10 keys together to open up the command prompt. Type ‘nusrmgr.cpl’ (without quotes and as is) and hit Enter on the keyboard.

On the User Accounts window, select the account (admin or standard user) that you want to reset the password for, and proceed by clicking Confirm or OK (whatever you see there). When done, exit all the windows and insert your Product ID when prompted. Now log on to your computer using the new computer. When done, exit the disc and place it in its case to keep at the safe place.

Using Password Reset Disk:

If you have a password reset disk, then you can use it to reset your password. Insert the disc into the DVD/CD ROM of your computer. Enter a wrong password to access the Reset password option. When the Reset password link comes up, click on it to initialize the Password Reset Wizard. Follow the wizard’s instructions and setup a new password for your account.

Using Advanced Safe Mode:

Reboot your computer and start tapping the F8 key on the keyboard before the Windows 7 logo appears on the screen. On the Advanced Boot Options screen, select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option and hit Enter. Wait until Windows loads the black Command Prompt screen. When the screen comes up, type ‘net user’ and hit Enter. This will bring up the list of all the users registered on Windows 7. Type ‘net user ‘user account name new password’’ and hit Enter.

For example, your locked user account name is John Smith and your new password is 12345abc. You will type net user ‘John Smith 12345abc’ (quotes will only be used for username and password) in the command prompt. When the command is completed, you will have a new password for your locked account. Log on to your computer using the new password. This will only work for standard user account(s) and not for the admin password. You need to have an admin password to access Safe Mode option in Windows 7.

Download Automatic Password Recovery Tool:

Though it is not recommended but you can download and install a password recovery tool (software) from any trusted website. This automatic tool will help you recover all the passwords viz. admin or user account. You choose from a range of automatic password recover programs available online.

***It is to be noted that the password reset disk must have been created in advance before misplacing the password.


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