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Aug 21, 2012

How to Find IP Address in Microsoft Windows 7

IP address is a digital number allocated to each computer to let it talk to other devices like computers, printers, routers etc. Like this, your Microsoft Windows 7 PC also has an IP address that you can use to set up an Internet connection, perform wireless network setup, share files or folders etc., connect to other devices, or troubleshoot various network-related problems. Check the steps given below and find out the IP address of your Microsoft Windows 7 PC:
Step 1: Click the Start button> Control Panel. In the Search box at the top right hand corner, type ‘network’. You will see a number of results on the screen. Under Network and Sharing Center> click View network connections. You will see the available network connections on the screen. Select a connection> click the Diagnose this connection button on the toolbar> and then click View status of this connection.
Step 2: On the Wireless or Local Area Network Connection Status window, you will see your network connection description. Click the Details button. You will see the details of your network connection viz. DHCP server, Subnet Mask, or DNS etc. Your PC’s IP address will appear as IPv4 Address under the Volume column. It may be something like Make of note of it and if required of the other details also. When done, click the Close button.
Step 3: Close the Network and Sharing Center window when done. Another quick method of finding out the IP address is by using the Command Prompt utility. Open Command Prompt from the Start menu> All Programs> Accessories. You can open Command Prompt from the Start Search menu also. Click the Start button, type ‘cmd’ in the Start Search box. As soon as you type the command, the CMD.exe file will appear in search results. Right-click the CMD.exe file and click Run as administrator.
Step 4: In the Command Prompt window, type ‘ipconfig /all’ and hit the Enter key. You will see Ethernet adapter connection or Wireless LAN adapter connection (if you have a wireless connection setup on your computer). Look for the IPv4 Address entry and make a note of the format number. The IP address of your Microsoft Windows 7 PC can be anything starting from like 198, 110 etc. When done, exit the Command Prompt window. You can now set up your Internet connection or troubleshoot a wireless network connection problem.
Step 5: You can also open Network and Sharing Center from the Network icon in your system tray. Click the icon and select Open Network and Sharing Center from the menu.


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