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Aug 8, 2012

How to Repair Video File Crash or IE Freeze Problems

If the video file that you are currently playing crashes or causes Internet Explorer to freeze, it indicates a problem with Flash Player or sound card drivers or internal problems. Other than IE crash/freeze problem, the problematic video file can also cause your Windows PC or other Windows applications to hang. Check the below mentioned steps and repair this problem:
1. Close any window that is currently active on your desktop.
2. Connect to the Internet (if you are not already connected) and launch your web browser. If IE is not opening up, try another browser.
3. Visit the http://support.microsoft.com/mats/video_freezes_or_crashes/ link and click the Run Now button to start running the automated Microsoft Fix It tool.
4. Click the Run button again when prompted. Click Run again to confirm the action. Remember, to run this tool, you must be logged on as an administrator user to your Windows computer. Failing to which can result in an error.
5. Wait while the tool diagnoses and fixes the problem. When done, close the window or do as instructed by the tool. The tool updates drivers and applies fixes to any internal errors that are preventing video files from playing properly. The tool fixes IE crash/freeze problems, issues with other Windows applications or unstable video playing.
6. If prompted, restart the computer. Restart the player (VLC or WMP etc.) and replay the same or any video file that you want to. If it plays fine, the issue has fixed. If you continue to face problems playing video files, try this method (step 7).
***You can also find here Windows repair support
7. Update your Flash Player and Java with the latest updates and definitions from their respective websites. Afterwards, replay a desired video file and check back whether it works fine or not. If the problem persists, reset IE to factory settings.
8. Open IE and click Tools> Internet Options. In the Internet Options window, click Advanced. Click the Reset button. Click Yes to confirm the action. If prompted, check all the boxes and then click Reset. Confirm the action again if prompted.
9. Make sure that no other program window is opened except IE. Otherwise, you will experience an error. When done, you will be prompted to restart IE. Do as prompted. Now try to play an online or offline video file and it should work fine.


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