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Mar 25, 2011

How Update Microsoft Security Essentials Manually

In this blog post I described about Microsoft security essential manual update. It is useful for those who have disabled Microsoft Security Essentials automatic updates. You can not update your MSEs definitions automatically if the Windows Update service is disabled. If you want to install Microsoft Security Essentials(MSEs) you can follow the steps provided by me in a previous post Simple Steps to install Microsoft security essentials

Keeping Microsoft Security Essentials(MSEs) up to date is one of the ways to make sure that you are always protected against Malware, viruses, spyware. It is always good to keep things good by always being linked to the internet since Microsoft Security Essentials(MSEs) updates its definitions automatically.

Although at some instances and due to the type of the internet connection setting that you may have this can become complicated and you may need to update it manually. Nevertheless, Microsoft provides consumers with another way to keep Microsoft Security Essentials(MSEs) updated by providing instructions for you on how to do a manual update.

Now a days you can update Microsoft Security Essentials(MSEs) without having a any special internet connection with your computer. It is not so difficult, you just need to download the right version of virus definition for your computer according to your Windows version. Here I am sharing the links for both 32 bit Windows version & 64 bit Windows version.

You can download updates from the links given below according to your windows version:-

* To download MSEs Virus Definition 32bit Version
* To download MSEs Virus Definition 64bit Version

To install the update save the above link anywhere on your system and then click the file, when the update file runs, a file extraction dialog box open. The dialog box indicates that the update is installing. After the file extraction dialog box closes, you can verify that the virus and spyware definitions have been updated. Now open MSEs, then click on “Update”, and then examine the virus and spyware definitions status.

Note:- If any of the above steps will not help in the manual update of Microsoft Security Essentials, you may take help from Microsoft technical support service at their Toll Free No. +1-877-452-9201.


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