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Mar 31, 2011

Windows Vista Performance Tweaks

In this post I provided the information for advanced users and IT professionals regarding Windows Vista If you are in problem by thinking about why your system is run very slowly, If you are looking for solutions for how to make window vista faster, follow the instructions given by me in this post, you no need to take help from any Microsoft technical support or any third party service provider regarding vista performance.

1. Turn off Unused features:-
There are several features in windows Vista that we don’t use. Disabling unused features in will help in speeding up windows Vista.
Steps to turn off unused features:-
  • Click on START
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Then open programs and features
  • After that click on Turn Windows features on or off
  • Now uncheck the all features that you don’t use in the windows Vista.
  • After that restart the computer to take effects
2. Clean up:-
A lot of unneeded extra files on the disk can slow down performance. Vista provides a disk cleanup tool.
Simple Steps to clean up:-
  • Click on Start menu
  • Then click on All Programs then select Accessories
  • After that select System Tools
  • Then Specify a drive you want to clean up, and the tool will estimate the amount of space you can recover by running the cleanup process.
3. Disk Fragmented:-
The Disk Fragmented improves hard drive performance and speed by piecing together parts of files that have been broken apart. As you use your computer, files are constantly added, changed and removed.
Simple steps to Fragmented hard drive:-
  • Click on My Computer
  • Right click on your C drive
  • Select Properties
  • Choose the Tools tab
  • Click "Defragment Now" button under "Defragmentation"
4. Disable the visual effects:-
The most important step you need to do disable the visual e by using the Adjust Visual Effects option of Performance Information and Tools in Control Panel.
Simple steps to disable the visual effects:-
  • Right click on my computer
  • Then select properties
  • After that click on advance
  • Then click on performance
  • Then click settings & choose "custum" option
  • Now uncheck all the options & select only last four options
  • After that restart your computer to take effects
5. Driver Update: -
In order to speed up windows vista performance you need to do driver update. For driver update you need to install Windows Vista-compatible drivers or you can download latest drivers from different websites including Microsoft official website.

6. Clean up your desktop:-
Remove unused icons, shortcut, unused file and other data from your desktop and as much as you can do that will help you make your windows vista boost up faster.

7. Disable unnecessary services:-
Your system might have a lot of services which you may not need. But identifying them may not be very easy.
Simple steps to disable unnecessary services:-
  • Go to start menu
  • Open up control panel
  • Then click on administrative tools
  • Then go to services and stop/disable services.
Note :-
* If you want to speedup Windows 7, you may follow the steps provided by me in previous post Make Windows 7 Faster.
* If you are facing problem with your computer, you can reach V tech-squad online technical support at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201 For US/CA.


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