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Jun 6, 2011

Windows 8 Features Updates

Windows 8 as seen so far is just windows 7 with User Interface for applications that's all , it is going to marketed at netbooks, mobile devices etc, but still in that area chorme OS and linux will always prevail.

Windows 7 system requirement are less then then they were for windows vista !!! Windows vista was a hog , so yes anyone running windows 7 can upgrade on same specs whenever it comes out , MS dos major OS overhaul only after 4 years , windows 7 or windows 8 will be same till at least 2014 or so........................

Reason being if a Operating System needs hardware upgrade not many people will go for it, people who have upgraded during 09,10 won't be looking to upgrade for another 2 or 3 years , plus hardware makers won't to be too happy to ship a Operating System which they cannot support , i7 processor is not seeing a major upgrade from intel for another 2 years max same goes for AMD, it is graphics or gpu 's which will be seeing changes faster then even a cell now but most prcs' will be happy to handle anything thrown at them for next 2 years given the current processors in market.

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