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Jul 26, 2012

How to Personalize Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 is the Metro-style operating system of Microsoft. It comes bundled with a set of features that let you personalize, improve, or modify for quickly accessing your favorite or everyday applications and utilities like Run, Command Prompt etc. Believe me Windows 8 has it all that you will fall in love with. Customize feature is one of those things. Here I am going to discuss how you can customize your Windows 8 PC.
1. When on the Metro-style user interface, click Windows Explorer. If it is not there on the screen, click the Start button at the extreme bottom left hand side of the window and then click Search. Type ‘windows explorer’ in the Search box and hit the Enter key. Double-click Windows Explorer to open up. When in Windows Explorer, navigate to appdata (or Application Data)> Microsoft> Windows> Start menu> Programs.
2. When in Programs, double-click to open up Accessories. Look for your programs and create a shortcut icon for Desktop or the user interface. If your desired programs are not listed in Accessories, look in some other folder. To create a shortcut icon, select the desired program and then hit the Windows key on your keyboard. It will take you back to the Metro-style screen.
For example, you want to create a shortcut for Shutdown (because it is missing from the Metro screen, you may want it handy to quickly shut down your computer), type ‘shutdown’ (without quotes) in the Search Apps box. Do not hit Enter. You will see Shutdown in the search results.
3. Right-click Shutdown and click Pin to pin it to your Metro screen. You will now see Shutdown as one of icons on the interface. Similarly, you can arrange and customize all your favorite applications and utilities for handy access. To continue personalizing settings, click the Start button and then click Settings, More PC Settings. When in PC Settings, click the Personalize link in the left-hand panel. You will see three different options to customize in the right hand side panel.
These include Lock Screen, Start Screen, and Account Picture. From under Lock Screen, you can change the way it looks. You can change the image (background) of Lock Screen or add more notification icons to help you know about emails, battery etc.
4. From Start Screen, you can change your Windows theme, adjust color scheme, or choose from a range of patterns and designs to make your Windows 8 look nicer or more appealing. If you want to change your PC profile picture, click Account Picture. Add a new picture or replace an old one as desired. Either take a picture from your computer’s camera or browse for a picture using the Browse button.
If you want to add or delete users from your PC, click Users. If you want to manage notifications, click the Notifications link. If you are worried about your PC’s privacy settings, click Privacy. Similarly, you can customize all the features under Personalize section. Do not forget to save your settings before exiting the Personalize section.
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