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Jul 27, 2012

How to Update Drivers in Windows 7 Using Windows Update

Drivers are really important for the hardware connected to your Windows 7 PC. It can be anything from a mouse, printer, wireless router, XBOX or PlayStation, to TV etc. Since these devices are connected wired or wirelessly to your Windows 7 PC, these need updated drivers to always function properly. You can update drivers of your device(s) either from its manufacturer’s website or using Windows Update.

I am going to discuss some steps here to help you update device drivers in Windows 7 using Windows Update as you might already know how to do it from the device manufacturer’s website. You can follow the steps given below:

1.    Click the Start button> All Programs> Windows Update.
2.    Alternatively, you can open Windows Update from the Start Search bar. Click Start and type ‘update’ in the Start Search bar.
3.    As soon as you will type it, you will see Windows Update in the programs list. Right-click Windows Update and select Run as administrator.
4.    If prompted, enter your administrator password and proceed.
5.    On the Windows Update screen, click Check for updates in the left hand panel.
6.    Wait for Windows to look for updates available online. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet while Windows does so. Otherwise, Windows will be failed to look up anything.
7.    When done, you will see the number of updates available for your Windows 7 PC and hardware. There will be important and options updates to be installed.
8.    Click the links of available updates to see more information about them. You will now see the Select the updates you want to install screen. Here you can select the desired updates for your devices. To select them, click the check box next to them and then click OK.
9.    When done selecting the updates, click the Install Updates button. if prompted, enter your admin password and proceed. Wait while the updates are being installed.
10. When prompted, restart your Windows 7 computer and you are done.
11. If you face any problems after installing Windows updates, uninstall them. Or else you can restore your Windows 7 PC to an earlier date.

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